June 11th, 2018
Blackhawk Country Club


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AR15 Combat Rifle

Hand built by 28 year SEAL Team vet Rich Hansing exclusively for the TroopsDirect Golf Challenge. Tridentis Tactical Cerakoted their ‘one off’ billet aluminum upper and lower receiver and rail in a custom bronze finish and mated it to a Geissele 2 stage trigger, Magpul stock, EOTech optic, Tridentis bolt carrier group, Elite Iron OP Comp muzzle brake and Lilja barrel. If you know your rifles then you know that this. Yes it will be California compliant.

Learn about the scope here.

Japan Flags

Both flags were captured in March 1945 on the island of Iwo Jima during the fight to retake the island. One flag is a silk "Meatball" flag with the hand written names of American Marines that were in 3d Battalion, 27th Marines. The second flag is a cloth meatball flag known as a prayer flag. This type of flag was given to soldiers from their families prior to going off to battle. Often carried over heart underneath the jacket. The Kanji writing tells us that the flag was presented to Mitsuo Eiguchi, (likely a Zero Pilot) and it instructed him to "Exhaust your spirit for the county." Some other key phases are:
- “Now more than ever, may the gods’ blessings be upon you.”
- “You’re our warrior.”
- “Go get ‘em.”
- “Spread your wings and soar to victory.”
Both flags were passed down to me from my family. I've coordinated a full translation of the flag for the highest bidder.

Hand Stitched Patriotic Quilt

TroopsDirect Golf Challenge favorite. This quilt is hand crafted by the niece of Vietnam Medal of Honor recipient David McNerney. It is truly a sight to behold. It comes with a personalized letter from McNerney's niece and is an instant heirloom to passed through your generations..


Marine Corps footlocker from the barracks of Troops Direct’s own Jake Jones while at Recruit Training (Boot Camp) in Parris Island in 1998. Restored and turned into a WWII Marine Raider footlocker. The top and inside lid are hand painted by the Art Director of University of North Carolina. Top, USMC emblem, inside lid, the 2d Raider Battalion Jack or Kill Card from Carlson’s Raiders in WWII. The inside and trays are professionally lined with the camouflage that the Marines wore in the Pacific theater. Also included is a commemorative Marine Raider Knife, Japanese “meatball” flag that was captured during the battle of Iwo Jima. This footlocker was on every deployment overseas with Jake.
Inside Gifts:
-A container with the sand of Iwo Jima. Collected from Jake’s visits to the island.
-Bottles of Raider Rye Whiskey.
-Commemorative Marine Raider fighting knife.
-Small Japanese "Meatball" flag captured on Iwo Jima during the fight to retake the island. That flag was passed down to Jake within his family.

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Operator Day

Join Troops Direct and our cadre of handpicked Special Operators for a highly personalized and exclusive event at a private ranch outside Reno, Nevada. You will be fully immersed in the “Operator” lifestyle of “Train Hard, Play Hard” walking side by side with those that live the life everyday defending our freedoms overseas.

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